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DELFI REHAB spol. s r.o.


Company DELFI REHAB spol. s r.o. originated in 2011 by splitting the company DELFI spol. s r.o. into 2 companies - DELFI spol. s r.o. (producing interior equipment in Děčín) and DELFI REHAB spol. s r.o. (REHA production in Dolní Štěpanice by Jilemnice).

The original company DELFI spol. s r.o. dates its origins since 1992, when was estabilished from the association of natural persons. The company initially dealt only with production of bicycle rims. Later production program was extended to the more specialized production of complete wheels for wheelchairs - so called REHA program, bicycle rims and rimbands. Furthermore there are produced folding snow shovels "SNOW-PERMON" and universal wardrobe bars as complementary products.

Dynamically growing Czech company has been extending its range. Its quality and reliability is proven by the fact that still gets new customers, who have already overgrwn the borders not only of Czech Republic, but also of Europe.

Nowadays DELFI REHAB spol. s r.o. employs about 40 staffs who daily do their best to satisfy every customerᄡs requst.